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The Tasmanian Gaming Commission, approves QALab for listing on the Roll of Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of Gaming Equipment

QALab is proud to announce that Tasmanian Gaming Commission has approved the listing of QALab on the Roll of Recognised Manufacturers, Suppliers and Testers of Gaming Equipment in Tasmania.

Management worked diligently and closely with Tasmanian Gaming Commission in an effort to meet strict certification requirements for listing on the Roll as Gaming Machine Testing Facility. This recognition came out as the result of in-depth probity checks of QALab's Management Team.

The organization views the accreditation as another milestone in the company's list of approved gaming jurisdictions.

QALab looks forward to acquiring further accreditations in 2009 and 2010, and is currently seeking and capitalizing on new opportunities to better fulfil clients' needs.